5 major mistakes in preparing a wedding celebration

5 major mistakes in preparing a wedding celebration

Long-awaited offer, joy and happiness in your eyes, wedding euphoria! It seems that under the influence of this magical feeling you are ready to move mountains, well, or at least, immediately “rush into battle” and plunge into all the details of preparing a wedding celebration.

But in reality it turns out that joyful efforts are quickly burdened by organizational issues and difficulties that can ruin your mood. After all, pleasant emotions should surround you not only at the wedding itself, but at the preparatory stage!

Today we will tell you about the basic mistakes that future newlyweds should not make.

Error number 1: late start. In our arsenal of successful weddings there are celebrations that we started to prepare for more than a year, and there are also those where we were very limited in time. We always try to do our work responsibly as much as possible, but the planning itself largely depends on the time we have. 

Here are just a few advantages of starting the wedding in advance:

  • Calmness and prudence of the newlyweds will be at the peak, when there is still a lot of time for measured planning.
  • The ability to book the best of the best
  • You can make changes by selecting the most appropriate version of the concept, style, etc.

Anyway, time is a very valuable resource that will be one of the key at the stage of organizing a dream wedding. But remember that a good wedding organizer will always offer you the optimal concept of celebration, regardless of how much time is left before an important day.

Error number 2: grab everything at once. We have not chosen a concept yet, but several meetings have already been made: with the wedding presenter, decorator, wedding photographer … There is no need to do that. As a result, you will receive a surplus of unstructured information, which will be difficult to convert into a coherent whole. In preparing the important sequence of actions, adhering to which you can move from one stage to another without much effort. And thanks to this, at the end you will have a complete picture of the future celebration.

Error number 3: save on the important. A wedding is an event that develops into a single whole of small, but no less important components. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly distribute the wedding budget for all items, so as not to leave without proper attention a single detail. At the same time, it is necessary to understand what can be saved on, and on what it is absolutely impossible to save.

Error number 4: transfer responsibility to family and friends. Together with you, family and friends are looking forward to your celebration. Of course, many of them very often help you in certain issues in the preparation process, you consult with the closest ones and sometimes rely on them at the time of making a decision. But! Remember that every guest at a wedding wants to be a guest – not a florist, not a decorator and, especially, not an organizer or coordinator. Any of your friends wants to feel every emotion of this day with you, enjoy the moment and have fun from the heart. Therefore, it is not necessary to entrust your relatives even minor organizational issues, but you need to entrust this work to a professional team.

Error number 5: the lack of a clear scenario of the wedding day. To make the wedding day go smoothly, you must always follow a clear plan, which will be written in advance. Everything is important here: timing to within a minute, moving around locations, arrival of specialists, etc. Without the wedding scenario, you risk getting a lot of overlap in time, and all this threatens with unpleasant emotions of the newlyweds and the emergence of force majeure.

Do you want your wedding preparation to become a real pleasure? Entrust the organization of your celebration to our professional team!

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